Get Out the Vote

for The Defenders of Justice!

Why does it matter? Electing the Defenders of Justice is CRUCIAL to the transformation we need in our Court System. Research shows public defenders are more likely to seek diversion, rather than incarceration, when deciding case outcomes. And yet, a public defender has NEVER been elected to the LA County Judicial Bench.

“I’ve seen judges extend court dates and extend hearings just to force a plea. I’ve requested specific programs in certain cases, and the judge would deny it before the client pled. So they would say, no,  your client can’t take this rehabilitation program because of public safety. So they keep continuing the case.  And you know what happens when this guy pleads? He goes straight to the program I requested before he pled, so he was denied the right to a trial. He was denied the right to say he was innocent.”

“We just have a status quo right now. And that status quo includes the pipeline of prosecutors to judge. And they’re the ones who are making the daily decisions of everyday people’s lives. 

A lot of people are asking, why am I running for judge? After day in, day out, almost two decades, I watched what was going on in the courtroom. And I realized that our system is really not working as it was intended. And I think most people agree with me.”

“I practice long-term solution building for the client and the community. I also have to know the effect on the victims and their families generationally.  I have to know the root cause of the problem, as does every public defender. Public defenders do the heavy lifting. We appoint the psychologists we petition the court for mental health diversion, and we ask that the client be moved to specialty courts that have been established in Los Angeles County, such as the victims of Human Trafficking Court or the Homeless Court.”

“The scales of justice have been tipped in favor of the heavy hand of government and big corporations for too long. Part of the reason is that prosecutors and corporate defense attorneys are overrepresented on the bench. I chose a career representing regular working people, immigrants, students and others seeking justice. My perspective is one that’s informed by working with regular working people, and it allows me to apply the law fairly and equitably without giving undue credit to any side.”

Join Us for Text Banking!

It’s that TIME! Let’s mobilize our communities to GET OUT and VOTE for The Defenders of Justice!  

The La Defensa team, with special guests, will be text banking for the Defenders of Justice, four progressive judicial candidates running for seats in the LA Superior Court. 

Beginning on May 18 and running through the June 7 primary election, each zoom session is an hour long, and features a short poli-ed segment and debrief with about 30 minutes of texting our lists. 

GOTV events will be held in English. 

Sign up for our mailing list and follow us on social media @ladefensx to find out when we add new dates and opportunities to take part in this groundbreaking campaign.

Text Bank Dates

  • WEDNESDAYS at 6PM: May 18, May 24, and June 1
  • MON, June 6 at 6PM
  • TUES, June 7 at 10AM (Election Day!)




Canvass with Us!

Sat., May 14, 1-3p – Pasadena
Sun., May 15, 1-4p – Watts
Sat., May 12, 12-3p – Koreatown
Sun., May 22, 11a-2p – Park La Brea
Sat., May 28, 12-3p – Pomona 
Sun., May 29, 12-3p – El Sereno 
Sat., June 4, 1-3PM – Palmdale
Sun., June 5, 1-3PM – Long Beach 

More About The Defenders of Justice

Browse these resources to learn more about the four progressive candidates who make up The Defenders of Justice, and their 2022 judicial campaigns. 


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